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Sample Cereal List that Meets Guidelines

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COVID-19 Basic Income Support Letter May 4 2020

A serious public health problem – household food insecurity, due to household financial constraints – which has unquestionably become worse with the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the time for Canada to plan and deliver a robust basic income guarantee that protects working-age citizens from falling below an income floor that is adequate to meet basic needs.

Communications 2020 Public Executive

Addressing Weight Bias: Call to Action (FRENCH)

Les préjugés liés au poids: le temps d’agir. November 2019. Developed for use with public health colleagues or community organizations working to reduce weight bias.

position statement Public Executive

OPRS ODPH Submission March 20, 2020

Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy Response submitted March 20, 2020.

Communications 2020 Public Executive

FINAL ODPH response to discussion paper questions Feb 2020

sent to ministry Feb 14 2020

February Executive Advocacy 2020 Public Advocacy Committee



Minutes HERS Public HERS (Healthy Eating in the Recreation Setting Workgroup)

FINAL- letter to PH Modernization team

Final version sent to ministry Feb 14 2020

February Executive Advocacy 2020 Public Advocacy Committee

ODPH Strategic Plan 2020-2024 Summary

For sharing externally on website - this version has been updated from previous one shared.

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SNP Literature Rapid Review and Inter-jurisdictional Scan 2020

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Actions by Ontario Public Health Units to Address Household Food Insecurity: Results of an Environmental Scan of Ontario Public Health Units

This report was an initiative of the Ontario Dietitians in Public Health Food Insecurity Workgroup (ODPH FIWG) to help inform actions being taken by Ontario Public Health Units to address household food insecurity (HFI).

Resources Report Food Insecurity Workgroup FIWG 2020 Public Food Insecurity Workgroup
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