ODPH members who take on the role of Liaison Representative for ODPH have the opportunity to represent ODPH on workgroups and committees of many associations, government bodies, and not-for-profit organizations. In this role, the Liaison Representative can enhance his/her leadership, communication, and problem solving skills when working with other agencies on important nutrition issues relevant to our practice in public health. Our contribution to the work of these affiliated agencies facilitates ODPH in meeting its strategic goals, vision, and mission.

ODPH is affiliated with the following:


Association of Local Public Health Agencies (alPHa)

The Association of Local Public Health Agencies is a not for-profit organization that provides leadership to boards of health and public health units in Ontario. As a member of alPHa, ODPH receives a vote as a Board of Directors member. ODPH brings forward nutrition-related issues for Board discussion and action, and provides input into alPHa decisions on a variety of public health issues.

Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA)

The Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA)is a not-for-profit organization that provides a strong, unified, independent voice for all citizens, public-health professionals and volunteers committed to improving the health of Ontarians. As a constituent membership, ODPH has representation on the OPHA Board of Directors. Through strategic partnerships with hundreds of health units, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions and community health centres, OPHA has succeeded in influencing and addressing specific public health issues as well as broader elements of health policy.

The Ontario Collaborative Group on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (OCGHEPA)

OCGHEPA is leading the development of the Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy. ODPH is actively involved in the development of this strategy. For more information on the OFNS visit the Sustain Ontario website.

The Ontario Collaborative Group on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity is a provincial collaboration of health professionals from organizations dedicated to addressing population-based issues related to healthy eating and physical activity. The OCGHEPA provides a forum for ODPH members to advocate for comprehensive approaches to address these issues.


Pan-Canadian Task Force on Public Health Nutrition Practice

The committee provides strategic guidance and expert advice on a Pan-Canadian initiative to develop competencies that are unique to public health nutrition. As such it plays a role in strengthening the public health workforce in Canada. Membership on the committee includes public health nutrition representatives from almost every province.