OSNPPH members work together and with other experts to create helpful resources and position statements related to public health nutrition. These resources can be used as a basis for public health-related programs, policies and health promotion strategies.

Resources found here may be printed and used for non-commercial purposes as long as they are not altered in any way. If you wish to adapt a resource found in this section, please complete this form Permission to Reproduce Form

key documents

OSNPPH supports menu labelling and calls upon the provincial government to enact menu labelling legislation requiring the prominent display of calorie and sodium content of food items at the point of sale in restaurants in Ontario, as an important step toward creating healthy and supportive food environments for Ontarians. For more information, e-mail

The OSNPPH Workplace Nutrition Advisory Group calls on stakeholders including employers, food service operators, food distributors, union members, group benefits insurance companies and the provincial government to acknowledge that the current nutrition environment in Ontario workplaces is a significant public health issue that needs to be addressed and recognize that workplaces play a critical role in creating and maintaining a culture that encourages and models reasonable and healthy workplace practices.

The Call to Action offers a framework based on nine essential elements, which key stakeholders can use to create, implement and support a Healthy Workplace Nutrition Environment within their own jurisdiction using a comprehensive workplace health model. For more information on this initiative, e-mail

  • Food Allergy Risk Reduction in Infants and Young Children [PDF] - Discussion Paper of the Family Health Nutrition Advisory Group of OSNPPH

  • Healthy Dietary Choices for Children [PDF]

  • Call to Action: Creating a Healthy School Nutrition Environment (2004) [PDF] - ENGLISH | FRENCH
    The Call to Action challenges the provincial government, boards of education, school communities and public health to acknowledge and act on their roles in establishing an environment that is supportive of healthy eating in Ontario schools. The OSNPPH School Nutrition Workgroup have made nine recommendations to address the importance of healthy eating in the school context and presents the link between nutritional health, learning and chronic disease in children and adolescents.

  • Public Health Nutrition...An Investment in the Future (1998) [PDF]
    Public health nutrition professionals are essential to health units, bringing appropriate skills, and a unique perspective. They are the only Registered Dietitians who have the mandate to serve the entire community. Public health nutrition professionals bring many strengths to health units. By using their skills, health units can better meet the requirements of provincially mandated programs, and maximize health outcomes in their communities.

  • Supersize Me: A Discussion Guide for Educators (1998) [PDF]
    This discussion guide has been developed in response to educators requesting a tool to help with the use of the movie Super Size Me in the classroom. We are not encouraging the use of, or endorsing, this movie and we recommend that Super Size Me only be shown in classrooms with guided discussion around the sensitive and controversial subjects presented. Be aware of stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes presented, and be sure to address these in your classroom discussion. We do not feel Super Size Me is appropriate for students below the grade 6 level.

2013 Nutrition Exchange

  • The 2013 Nutrition Exchange was a great success. Please visit the Memberís Only side of the website to view presentations from the Exchange.
  • The 2014 Nutrition Exchange will be held in spring 2014. The planning committee is already working hard and details will be available soon. If you have any questions or feedback for the OSNPPH Nutrition Exchange Planning Committee, email us at